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The MoPictive Community Calendar is now LIVE!(0)

February 8, 2010

MoPictive Members and Community Supporters, we’ve launched a new offering on our website: an Upcoming Events calendar. If you enter the date of your Event, Screening, User Group Meeting, Film Festival, or Seminar into our Event Calendar – it’ll show up on the right side of our homepage under “Upcoming Events”. To view the calendar […]

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February Theme: Compression In-Depth

January’s spectacularly successful re-launch of our MoPictive Monthly Meetings continues in our new venue: the Helen Mills Screening room – featuring 130 stadium-style seats, with a projection booth, 5.1 surround system, free food and soda, and an opportunity to meet and network with a wide range of New York City’s best and brightest filmmakers. February Theme: […]

Hello MoPictive!

Hello MoPictive! Finally, after a loooong time we’ve got ourselves a new website. And you, our members, get to watch us build it out over the next few days! Ain’t that fun? We’ll be building out a Community Calendar and a full blown Web Forum. We’ll also be able to prominently feature our generous sponsors […]

Ripple Training donates Compressor Online Training for Raffle

Ripple Training has donated their Apple Certified COMPRESSOR training tutorial for the Jan. Raffle. Introducing the Apple Pro Video Series. Ripple Training is pleased to present the industry’s first Apple Certified online video curriculum for iTunes In this tutorial, master compressionist and author Brian Gary will walk you through all facets of using Compressor 3.5 while preparing you to […]

MoPictive Volunteers: Day Jobs

In Memorium: Michael Vitti

Michael Vitti, founder and driving force behind The Moving Pictures Collective of NYC. His vision guides our actions. His inclusiveness inspires our goals. Michael - we will not forget.