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"The Moving Pictures Collective of NYC (a D/B/A of the New York Final Cut User’s Group) is about developing storytelling talent. Ours is a tool agnostic community focused on the art and craft of digital storytelling, from development to presentation to distribution, through effective education." Established in September 2002 as the NYC Final Cut Pro Users Group, The Moving Pictures Collective continues to foster professional storytelling. We enhance our members abilities and broaden their overall knowledge and skills by keeping them on the leading edge in a rapidly changing film & video industry. MoPictive’s core competency is post-production using Final Cut Pro Studio but not limited to those skills. We share techniques, tools, and best practices. Telling great stories is our primary goal, expanding our inquiry into all facets of moving pictures; editing, directing, writing, producing, and shooting. We also promote member collaboration by sharing our work in a supportive environment and creating opportunities for our members to flourish. The Moving Pictures Collective is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. We meet our goals by hosting monthly meetings (usually the second Thursday evenings), organizing and sponsoring educational events, and special events. The Moving Pictures Collective utilizes a forum to assist each other with common hardware, software and workflow issues. We utilize this website for ongoing education and meeting archives.


1999 Hatched in a dank basement somewhere downtown, the New York City Final Cut Pro User's Group grew out of several Final Cut Pro early adopters. Perhaps this was still the Macromedia beta version or Apple's first version, it was truly martyr-ware. As the group grew and aged, Apple opened the Manhattan Market Center to these ragamuffins so they could discuss Oxford 911 bridge chips and feature requests. The community grew to approximately 350 members under Scott Pendergast & Michael Yecies, but the loss of Novaworks' offices left the community without a home. The leaders were flabbergasted and exhausted when Michael Vitti stumbled onto the scene. At some uncertain point following this transfer, the community's URL lapsed and fell into the hands of child pornographers on another continent when Mr. Vitti commenced the name change to the NYC Final Cut User's Group. Sept 2001 Good luck befell the nascent group, first the SoHO Apple Store had just opened and had a theater, second, Mr. Vitti was underemployed and was able to throw his formidable resources at community development. The premise of the group shifted slightly from tool to story skills with a focus on digital storytelling. The group grew, changed it's name to the Moving Pictures Collective of NYC, incorporated and somewhere in there, as Final Cut Pro developed from martyr-ware to full featured NLE, the group grew to over 2000 members and sports an informational website, monthly e-newsletter (the NLE) and monthly meetings in great venues with the best filmmakers, cameras and software gurus the land has to offer. Sept 2007 MoPictive is 2000 members strong with a real Board of Directors operating as a 501c3 non for profit organization to maximize NYC's storytelling talent through education, connection and development. Pangloss was right, New York City is the best of all possible worlds.

2009 - A Year of Sudden Changes

In April 2009 at the annual NAB event in Las Vegas the MoPictive community was devasted to learn that it's Leader and Founder, Michael Vitti, died suddenly and unexpectedly of natural causes. Over the next 6 months MoPictive's Board of Directors worked diligently to celebrate Michael by ensuring the core mission of MoPictive remained. The monthly meetings continued. Patrick Inhofer, formerly MoPictive Treasurer, was named President and the group continues marching onward.

2010 and Beyond

The first big change in the post-Michael Vitti era is a change of venue. After meeting at the Apple Store SoHo for almost 3 years continuously, MoPictive is moving into the Helen Mills screening room for selected meetings and presentations during the year. With greater control over our venue we can offer benefits not seen at MoPictive meetings for quite some time... easier parking and public transportation, screenings of locally produced projects, catering, 5.1 surround sound, off-stage interaction with presenters, and the ability to record audio directly out of the sound system. We are also offering more presentations of screenwriting, audio, and below-the-line job functions. 2010 should also start to see the return of our popular educational training seminars. Most regular meetings are held at the B&H Event Space, 34th and 9th Ave, NYC. We think Michael would be proud...

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In Memorium: Michael Vitti

Michael Vitti, founder and driving force behind The Moving Pictures Collective of NYC. His vision guides our actions. His inclusiveness inspires our goals. Michael - we will not forget.