Educating NYC's Digital Filmmakers

Mopictive March 2013 Meeting

Tuessday, March 12, 2013
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Doors Open At 6:00 pm

Presented by AJA Systems

Meeting Details

"The Craft" Night At Mopictive

And More!

Jay Ignaszweski
A Report From Our Platinum Sponsor

Andrew Finkel

Andrew's Audio Corner

This new feature helps us in the audio side of our craft. This month Andrew will talk about the differences between analog and AES digital audio.

Rick Siegel
Rick Siegel is a New York based Director of Photography a master of the art of lighting interviews among his other numerous skills. Rick also teaches at a number of venues in the area including in the Abel Cine Training program. Rick will be presenting Interview Portraits: Principles and Simple Lighting Tips.

Ned Soltz
Your Humble Mopictive President

Your president has lately been working with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera as well as Sony's new F55 with Raw Recorder. He will present a very quick overview of Raw workflows. We've really got to include data management in the general category of "craft" these days.

Bring Your Questions - Solve Your Problems

Last month, we began a very serious discussion of business models, finding gigs, networking and just generally coping in this rapidly-evolving environment. Let's continue the discussion. But of course, we need some time for continued peer support for "craft" questions.


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