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Mopictive February Meeting

Tuessday, February 19, 2013
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Doors Open At 6:00 pm

Presented by AJA Systems

Meeting Details

Boris Night At Mopictive

And More!

Jay Ignaszweski
A Report From Our Platinum Sponsor

Andrew Finkel

Andrew's Audio Corner

Andrew has a few audio toys and techniques to show us this evening. He's always informative and great to have an audio pro among us!

Peter McAuley

Boris Fx develops some of the most complete plug-ins around for FCP, FCP X, AE, Avid, and Vegas. Peter will be showing us some of the latest tools in most recent versions of Boris Continuum Complete and Boris Red. A must for VFX folks and, of your're not a VFX professional, this is a great introduction to how you can add value to your productions through the use of Boris products. Boris Fx is also one our sponsors!

Bring Your Questions - Solve Your Problems

We're a user group. User groups not only present products, services, productions and instruction but groups also are great opportunities for peer to peer help. We just haven't done enough of this so this Februrary meeting will be the chance. And we will try this a few times a year.

Do you have a software question? Or need hardware help? Or lighting? Or audio beyond what Andrew shows us? We are such an amazing group that someone is bound to have a suggestion. Do you have a problem clip or sequence? Bring it along and the group can help. In other words, it's an hour of open mike at Mopictive!

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