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Mopictive October 2012 Meeting

Thursday, October 11, 2012
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Doors Open At 6:00 pm

Change of Location For October

Our hosts Abel Cine had a last-minute conflict requiring us to scamble for space. A new member of our leadership team, Andrew Finkel, was able to secure for us the amazing Trak-Kit-Flow space at 14th St and 9th Ave. Official address is 675 Hudson St, BUT...

Enter via the elevator at 26 9th Ave and go to the 5th floor.

Presented by AJA Systems

Meeting Details

Mike Woodworth

ScopebBox is one of our sponsoring products and we're pleased that Mike is coming from San Francisco to present to us. If you haven't tried ScopeBox, you are missing an amazing Scope and capture product that is dead-on accurage. Don't tell Mike that we think $99 is too low a price. Mike will speak about ScopeBox, give us a sneak preview of its next revision and give us a few tips on how to read scopes. This should prove very informative for all user levels.

Ned Soltz
Your Humble President
Leadership discussion. New ideas. And maybe even a toy or two from Ned's Toy Box

Patrick Inhofer
Mopictive Past President
Grading A Horror Film In DaVinci Resolve 9
The main event of the evening and a lesson not to be missed-- How To Grade A Horror Film using DaVinci Resolve 9.
As we have discussed, Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 9 with a revamped user interface and new features. Rather than just demo the features of the application, Patrick will guide us through an actual grade of an actual horror film. This tutorial will both instruct us in the use of the app but more importantly in how to use Resolve 9 to create looks specific to the piece we are grading. Don't miss it!
Agenda Is Still Evolving

Thanks to our sponsors Teradek and Telestream and our member Craig Seeman, this meeting will also be streamed via Livestream HERE.

And a sneak peak at the November 8 meeting back at Abel Cine...
The Diamond Brothers will show their work created with The Blackmagic Cinema Camera and even bring along a camera! This will be among the first opportunities to see not just a shipping version of the camera but also to explore work created with it!


Door Prize Raffle

As always, we continue our monthly door prize raffle of a basket of goodies donated to us from the world's best vendors. When you support them, you're supporting MoPictive:


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