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Mopictive September 2012 Meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Same Mopictive - New Night

A New Mopictive Season With Tons of Info...

Presented by AJA Systems

Meeting Details

To accomodate our gracious hosts at Abel Cine, we need to move our meetings to Thursday night-- to be precise, the second Thursday of the month.

The agenda is still evolving - check and watch your email for updates

Dewitt Davis

Directory - Production Tools - News

Doddle and Doddle Pro are unique apps that take all the fuss out of creating and distributing call sheets. And Doddle maintains a talent directory in which any of us can list. Even more, Doddle distributes a daily newsletter. We will learn about putting this tool to work for us.

Josh Apter

Our member (and board member) Josh Apter of Manhattan Edit Workshop has invented and markets The Padcaster, an award-winning device to mount your iPad, adapt to lenses and get the most out of it for still and video shooting.

Ned Soltz
Your Humble President

We need to take care of Mopictive business and brainstorm on the creation of leadersnhip and sharing of tasks. And then your humble president will share with you toys, trends and new technologies which we will be seeing over the coming months.

AJA Report

A word from our Platinum Sponsor. What's new to enhance our craft...

Agenda Is Still Evolving

Come early and browse the Abel showroom.

Thanks to our sponsors Teradek and Telestream and our member Craig Seeman, this meeting will also be streamed via Livestream HERE.

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