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The MoPictive Community Calendar is now LIVE!

MoPictive Members and Community Supporters, we've launched a new offering on our website: an Upcoming Events calendar.

If you enter the date of your Event, Screening, User Group Meeting, Film Festival, or Seminar into our Event Calendar - it'll show up on the right side of our homepage under "Upcoming Events".

To view the calendar from the homepage click on the link under the MoPictive Community Calendar heading. If your event is taking place in NY, NJ, Conn - we hope this will become a great resource for all digital filmmakers. How does it work?

First - Register at this website via the Registration link in the footer.

Second - Use the "Contact Us" link to send an email to activate your posting rights.

Third - Post away!

Restrictions: Events must take place in the New York City Tri-State area. Events must be related to Digital Filmmaking. Use responsibly. For instance, don't post daily schedules for your school's entire semester. Do post registration deadlines. If you're not sure you're violating this policy... then you probably are!


- The MoPictive, BoD

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