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15 % Off Christmas Sale, Must-have FCP Utilities

One of my favorite FCP utilities of all-time is Digital Rebellion's Preference Manager. It's a FREE download off their website and lets you manage your preferences for each of the Final Cut Studio apps individually or collectively. The kids over at Digital Rebellion are at it again, this time with 15% off their paid FCS utilities.

Until Christmas, Digital Rebellion is offering a 15% discount on their products. FCP Versioner = $59, FCS Maintence Pack = $89, and Preference Manager is still 100% off, FREE. Check them out, send them some of your love in the color of green.

FCP Versioner is a $59 utility that works in the background. Every time you tell FCP to Save, Versioner exports out an XML along with a change log. Very nifty. Much less prone to corruption than an FCP Project file.

They also have put together a $99 bundle of utilities, FCS Maintenance Pack, that are too long to list but designed to fix or help avoid many problems that plague "tempermental" installs of Final Cut Studio.

- pi

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